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Linda Copeland

OH Chapter F Senior

Ride Educator & Chapter

Skill Enhancement








Ohio Chapter F

“F Troop”

Fairborn, Ohio



OH Chapter F

Senior Chapter Educator & Chapter Skill

Enhancement Coordinator



    According to the calendar we are in the season of fall 2020; however the temperature seems to swing like a pendulum. The first week and a half

    of November was beauti-ful riding weather, then it cooled down to seasonal temperatures we will wait and see what the end of the month brings.

    Some trees are displaying their colors. With that being said, color is also important in everyday driving. The following information tells what the

    meaning of various colored signs mean.


    RED – This color is used for STOP signs, YIELD signs, DO NOT ENTER signs, and WRONG WAY signs.


    ORANGE – The color orange is used as background color for TEMPORARY traf-fic control signs. Of course we see this color a lot as         

                        orange barrels or cones.


    YELLOW – This color is used as background for warning signs and school signs.


    FLUORESCENT YELLOW-GREEN – This color is used as the background color for pedestrian, bicycle, and school warning signs.


    GREEN – This color is used as a background color for guide and information signs.


    BLUE – The color blue is used as background color for traveler services infor-mation signs, emergency signs such as hospital, and                 

                  emergency evacuation route signs such as hurricane evacuation.


   BROWN – This color is used as background color for guide and information signs related to points of recreational or cultural interest.



It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see

Henry David Thoreau