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Linda Copeland

OH Chapter F Senior

Ride Educator & Chapter

Skill Enhancement








Ohio Chapter F

“F Troop”

Fairborn, Ohio



OH Chapter F

Senior Chapter Educator & Chapter Skill

Enhancement Coordinator


Rider Education with Linda’s Lessons


Fall is here, so this month I will use the acronym FALL, to list some of the items we need to be cautious of while we are riding during the fall.

F - Farmers in the fields.  This alone can bring out many items to watch out for. First of all there are many types of machinery that the farmers are using. The tractors, wagons, and combines are just three to watch out for. If they are in the fields watch out for dust, mud or dirt, and grain on the roads. This time of year can also deal with foggy mornings. Think of the fog that has started to settle some mornings. Motorcyclists need to be more cautious during foggy mornings. Watch out for other drivers. Also with school back in session, fog delays will change time schedules for parents and students.

A - Watch out for all the animals that are on the move during the fall. With the harvest of crops already in progress, that

means that deer especially will be on the move. This is also rutting season for the deer. There are also other smaller animals to watch out for such as raccoons, opossum, and squirrels. No matter what the size of the animal a motorcyclist wants to avoid it.

L - Leaves are already starting to fall. It doesn’t take much wind to blow the leaves off the trees.  With hurricane season in full swing it is common for this part of Ohio to see rain as a result of the hurricanes. With the cold front moving in the first week of November the forecast is for snow. Whether the leaves are wet or dry a motorcyclist needs to be careful. Obviously the wet leaves could make it slippery and more difficult to stop and the dry leaves blowing across the road could easily hide something on the road. Just be careful of the leaves.

L - Light(s) or the lack of light could also be a factor that a motorcyclist should be aware of. There are fewer hours of sunlight so depending upon your time schedule you could be driving when it is darker at night. This means you could then be dealing with more lights from vehicles. Again with the farmers harvesting crops some of them may be out early in the morning or late at night, which means they will be using more lights in the fields. Be cautious and alert during daylight or nighttime riding. Also remember that November 3, 2019 was the end of daylight savings time. This will change the time of day that more light is visible. It will be lighter in the morning; however it will get dark early in the evening.

     Enjoy your fall weather rides and be careful.











Linda Copeland

Senior Chapter Educator &

Chapter Skill Enhancement Advisor